Auroras Dance Telling About The State Of Magnetic Field


aurora -borealisThe phenomenon of Aurora borealis is widely known as the Polar Lights observed at equinoxes.

Scientists and scholars have been recently discovering the cause of occasionally bumping auroras, using a NASA collaboration program called THEMIS.

Because these wide scale collisions cannot be observed from Earth only, NASA and the Canadian Space Agency had to obtain video streaming from five spacecrafts on the orbit, along with All-Sky Imagers observers on Earth.

After editing the videos, the researchers found that rapidly-moving auroras were running towards the Pole, where a calmly settlement of northern lights was standing.

The crashing between the two groups seems to depend on what is happening in the Earth’s magnetic field tail.

Toshi Nishimura, from the UCLA, presents his theory under which this plasma ending of the terrestrial magnetic field that contains charged particles attracted from the Sun, being in a chaotic movement during the auroras’ advancement.

These auroras movements are synchronized with the Brownian movement in the plasma ending from which the northern lights are fed with energy, producing light explosion while encountering each other.

These bursts of glowing sky speak about the stability of the magnetic field of the Earth and that is why we need to monitor on the future because our faith as a planet could depend on them for warning.

Source :  Science Daily


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