Are We Just A Garbage Producing Species?


These days when living “green” has become more of a trend than a challenge, I see people around me responding differently to the message sent all over the planet.

We are asked to save resources, to live wise, to consume less, to reunite with nature to eat Bio food and to avoid in any way possible pollution.

I must say we are talking the talk, but are we walking the walk?

camping tripA very eloquent example would be a camping trip I went on with my own family and 2 other families we are friends with.

After a week, we have managed to gather eight extra large bags full of the garbage resulted from our excursion outdoors not to mention the case of beer bottles that we of course, recycled.

As we were loading the bags inside the car trucks, I was telling my friends how very different our living habits have become comparing to our childhood.

They all agreed that the times when we went on summer camps and we were took by our monitors to plant baby trees, were something else.

Our generation was brought up with the introduction of plastic recipients and only twenty years later of the biodegradable materials that we are encouraged to choose now.

In twenty years time the amount of garbage gathered on the planet had an overwhelming impact over the environment.

I see that the amount of garbage produced by a family grows exponentially with the financial possibilities.

We throw out food bought in too large quantities, food that we are never going to eat and that eventually turns out bad and needs to be disposed of.

We clean our closets once a season and put in the garbage all the possible combinations of clothes, dirt, paper…all kinds of things we no longer need and so the garbage deposits of the world increase with every bag we throw.

It is strange how fast we are to replace the inside of our houses only in order to generate more garbage.

garbageAs I am doing my best to live green and I want from the very depth of my heart and will to stop polluting the world, I can’t help but notice how few of the products I buy every day come in a biodegradable container.

From the water we buy in plastic bottles to the meat rolled in plastic bags, and the glass jars of our pasta sauce, everything can be recycled.

But still in this so modern society where food source decreases daily, shopping for groceries turns out to be nothing more but a garbage generating activity.

We are advised to live organic and consume as little food as we can. This strategy is meant to protect the environment but also to protect ourselves.

We just have to consider something. A bio piece of cheese produced from the milk of the cow that grazed on organic fields is more expensive than a regular one but is it so different?

The organic fields are watered by rain and underground water streams. In the conditions that those water streams are contaminated by the garbage drains, what are the odds for the grass to be organic?

Considering that the same problem affects the grain cultures this statement may be drastic but is truer than we can imagine.

At the rate the garbage amount is growing the chance to turn our planet into an organic food producer are getting slimmer every day.


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