Alien Wormhole Or Nuclear Weapon Trial- Either Way Strange


Another failed missile testing from Russia had people in Norway wondering whether it was an extraterrestrial phenomenon or an illusion.

The missile caused an unearthly spiral of light that made many wonder if it was a natural phenomenon or it was caused by a UFO.

This spiral of light was actually the exploding trail of a ballistic missile. This intercontinental missile named Bulava has reported the seventh failure in a dozen test fires. The missile had been fired from an underwater nuclear submarine and had exploded soon after the launch.

Despite the fact that the missile lets down the Russian defense ministry almost every time it is fired, the ministry can’t afford to back out from this project as they have reportedly invested billions in the developing of Bulava.

The weird thing about this whole episode is that on one hand it would have caused much heartburn and misery to the Russian Defense Ministry and on the other hand it became a firework display for the Norwegians.

It aroused curiosity among the many witnesses and also created national news.

The consistent problems in the nuclear department are steadily eroding the position of Russia as a nuclear power. If the current situation continues Russia will no longer be a nuclear power of substantial holding by the year 2030.

Source : News


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