10 Top Green Fashion Buys For Under $100


green shoes 1Are you looking for stylish fashion choices that will also maintain an environmentally conscious edge at the same time? Ok so you are a fashionista and environmentalist all at the same time. This doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice either fashion or ‘green-ness’ to be fashionably green! Here we have the 10 top green fashion buys and they are under $100!

(1) Looking for shoes that are cute and green? Look no further! Go to www.vans.com and grab a pair of the Vans hemp and bamboo sneakers. Just $50 a pair!

(2) For just $55 you can carry an adorable green, organic and trendy tote that says ‘reduce, recycle and renew America’ on it. Beau Soleil makes a reusable denim shopping bag perfect for that quick run to the drugstore. Go to www.shopbeausoleil.com.

(3) Yoga much? Get a Plank Designs recyclable yoga mat for just $85.00. The mat is adorable and trendy and looks like a field of grass. Visit www.plankdesigns.com to get your cool yoga mat.

(4) These have got to be the absolute cutest things; they are organic cotton and canvas pillows by Ross Menez. The line is called Fauna and the pillows are between $24 and $48 each. They are in shapes such as a puppy and a zebra. Go to www.areaware.com for yours.

(5) Looking for accessories such as a brooch? Look no further. Go to www.recycledplanetstore.com and find the Claudia Garzesi brooches. The brooches are actually made from recycled aluminum cans and look so cool! The brooches are $14 each.

(6) Slightly different than the Beau Soleil reusable denim totes we also have found light nylon totes by Walker for just $25. Go to www.walkerbags.com.

(7) Thistle Farms Tea Tree Mint Lip Balm can be found on www.thistlefarms.org for just $4 a tube!

(8) Looking to be environmentally and politically correct on the beach for the remainder of the summer? Look no further we have found a green bikini. Go to www.camillaboutique.com and check out the loyale organic cotton bikini. This bikini is made with low-impact dyes and can be purchased for $85.

(10) And now we have a green yoga bag to go with your green yoga mat! Go to www.thesak.com. Look at the sakroots jute-and-cotton blend yoga bag. This bag is only $69. Think of how green you will be at your next yoga class.


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