Top Five Green Fashion Designers


elenagarciaYou may not yet have heard of them but you will want to jump on board before they rise to the top

So you are an environmentalist and everything you do is green or supports the green movement. How about showing some love and support to a few up-and-coming green fashion designers?

You will most definitely be hearing of them in the coming years and months so why not jump on board before their lines are so highly in demand that you cannot afford them!

  1. Elena Garcia is a London based designer who constructs her pieces by hand and with the finest in organic wool, linen and silk fabrics. Ms. Garcia designs multifunctional pieces and uses low-impact dyes. It has been said that Ms. Garcia is inspired by the elite and socialite crowds as well as Queen Victoria. She designs mainly silk gowns, tunics made of chiffon, knit jackets and asymmetric vests.
  2. Marion McKee and Tristan Gribbin together design the label SUST which essentially stands for ‘cool’ in British colloquialism. The duo uses rich colors and clean silhouettes and makes their pieces from organics. They primarily make organic cotton tanks, scarves and pants as well as dresses and tunics.
  3. Mark Morris and Andrew Sorensen make the duo Turk and Taylor. The duo started out designing organic cotton graphic t-shirts then moved into designing sharp and tailored pieces for both men and women. The duo’s designs exude a mid-century modern feel and utilize chic silk lined pieces. They are known for their blazers and pleated skirts made of hemp and organic cotton.
  4. Portlander Gretchen Jones is an up-and-coming green fashion designer that exudes silent movie glamour through her lines of bamboo dresses, garnished and embellished headbands and cropped riding jackets. Ms. Jones accessories are hand crafted by her through using vegetable tanned leather remnants and she calls her line MothLove.
  5. The talented trio of Luke McCann, Robert Lido and Timothy Schmidtke have named their designer clothing label Mottainai which means ‘what a waste’ in Japanese. Well, it translates loosely into that anyway! The trio utilizes organic hand-dyed denim and organic cotton to make jeans, structured suits, and cotton jerseys. They are intending to release their women’s line in 2010.

For more information on any of the above green fashion designers you can visit their web sites or visit any green-supporting web site.


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