Top 5 Green Furniture Companies


Looking to refurnish your home? Need assistance with green furniture companies? We have the 5 best and most affordable for you

cisco sofa

Are you in the market to buy new furniture for your home? Maybe you would like to refurnish your den, living room or child’s bedroom? Regardless of what you would like to refurbish or remodel there are many options for you to stick with environmentally conscious companies and materials.

Did you have any idea there are many green furniture companies on the market who utilize only green products, chemicals and tools to manufacture their products? We have weeded through the furniture designers and manufacturers who claim to be green and environmentally conscious and we have narrowed our research down to the top ten green furniture companies for you.

  1. Cisco Brothers Furniture Company has a special green line they manufacture called “Inside Green”. The Cisco Brothers Company hand crafts their furniture using only various sustainable harvested woods and only chemical free latex. The Cisco Brothers green friendly furniture company is based out of San Francisco and specializes in ottomans, sofas and chairs.
  2. Furnature Company (yes this is correctly spelled although it is incorrectly spelled!) which is located in Massachusetts offers an extensive line of green furniture. The Furnature Company specializes in sofas and pieces that are upholstered. All fabrics used by The Furnature Company are organic and all wood finishes used are chemical free. Additionally The Furnature Company designers are responsible for the designs of and the manufacturing of their crib mattresses which are solely from organic cotton.
  3. Based in North Carolina is another green furniture company called Lee Industries. Lee Industries is one of the leaders in utilizing reclaimed fibers, water-based finishes and sustainable forestry initiative wood. Lee Industries is known largely and mainly for their “Natural Lee” package which features furniture and frames made from sustainable wood as well as armrest padding manufactured from reclaimed fibers.
  4. For more than 30 years The Palecek Company has been using renewable resources such as hardwood, grasses, bamboo, rattan and wicker to construct their furnishings. They are known around the country for furnishings for the entire home.
  5. Q Collection was founded by an interior designer who is also an environmentalist. Q Collection is a high-end line which uses eco-friendly materials and even biodegradable textiles and finishes. The interior designer and Q Collections are headquartered in New York City.


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