The Shocking Statistics Of Plastic: Did You Know That?


plasticMany people understand we are in a crisis situation with our water, earth and land due to the environment and pollution however many of these people do not know how severe the problem is.

Did you know that the reason you should recycle, reuse and renew whenever possible is because there is a land mass of garbage just off the coast of California and this mass of garbage is more than two times the size of the state of Texas? And 90% of this mass of garbage is plastics!

Did you know that there is a ‘Ban the Bags, Butts and Bottles Challenge’ you can access at that promotes the importance of keeping litter out of the roadways and waterways?

Did you know that our waterways around the world are still being polluted every minute of every day despite all that has been done to decrease this unfortunate phenomenon? Did you know that despite all the publicity and media that our waterways are still not being cleaned up?

Do you know where your litter ends up? Do you know that every time you litter it ends up cluttering and polluting our Earth’s storm drains, waterways, oceans and all other bodies of water?


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