The Medicine Within The Negative Ions


vegetationThe recent researches proved the benefic effect of the negative ions over the human health. The negative ions are oxygen molecules that are carrying an excessive negative charge responsible for creating inside the human organism a general state of wellness.

How did the negative ions become so important?

Did you ever ask yourself what is the reason why are we told to stay outside as much as we can, especially in the areas with fresh air? Or why since we were children have been encouraged to open the windows and let the air inside the house?

We are encouraged to do this because in the atmosphere, especially in the mountains, are present the so called “air vitamins” that we lack in our homes. These vitamins are none others than the negative aero-ions, without odor or taste but carrying a high amount of benefic energy for the human body.

The negative ions have besides the role of refreshing the air inside our houses, a very important role in protecting our body from a lot of major diseases and health problems being a real health factory for the human life.

They are stimulating and harmonizing the great majority of the vital processes but also work over the psychic and emotional condition. The major effects resulted from exposure to negative ions are the increase in the mind focusing ability and attention, a strong decreasing of the risk of catching a cold, a significant improvement of the immunity system and the disappearance of the headaches and nose and throat irritations.

The presence of the negative ions in the air that we breathe is important, even vital. The studies have proved that the concentration of negative ions decreases exponentially from the mountain area to the urban zone.

This is how in the mountains the negative ions concentration rises to 5000 ions /cubic centimeter, while on a metropolis area it barely reaches 100-250 ions/cubic centimeter, meaning the concentration is lower by 40%.

The main question is where are the negative ions formed?

The largest generator of negative ions is the Earth which releases millions of cube meters of radioactive gases that are generating the electrons. These are attaching themselves to the oxygen atoms and are transformed into negative oxygen ions.

The main Earth sources are the mountain and the forest. In the mountain areas, especially in resinous forests and near the waterfalls, the level of negative ions reaches very high peaks.

The researchers proved that a middle size tree releases over 24 hours the oxygen necessary for three people. The rain, the storms and the general movement of the air and water are important factors responsible for the creation of negative ions.

In order to ensure their continuous existence and by them our own health and survival we need to consider the necessity for the trees, vegetation and water on the land we live on every day.


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