The First Flight With Bio-Kerosene Promises A Bright Future For Aviation


Kerosene is commonly used as a fuel for aviation, but like many others they are making strides toward a more environmentally friendly fuel source. Sustainable bio-fuel is now being considered for use in aviation and will get its first test flight in an airplane later this month.

klm boeing 747The first airline flight to ever use bio-kerosene, which is a mixture between 50% sustainable bio-fuel and 50% of kerosene, will go to KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. One of the engines will be running on this bio-kerosene mixture to of course test the safety and reliability of the alternative fuel source.

They will be using a Boeing 747 and a select group of passengers on this flight. KLM has been researching for years on methods of sustainable fuel sources for aviation and they are going to test out bio-kerosene with this flight on November 23, 2009.

If this flight goes well, it could herald a shift in sustainable fuel sources in aviation. The need for sustainable fuel is a must, and it may even one day lead to a complete removal of fuel sources that are not sustainable, which promises a brighter future not only for aviation, but to the longevity of the environment and various forms of life living on this planet.


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