How To Go Green With Your Pets?


petsHow do you go green when you have dogs? How do you go green when your kids have a hamster and you have a few cats? Not only that but how can you make adopting a dog a green act?

1. Adopt your pets from a shelter always. Do not contribute to the euthanizing of millions of animals every year by buying from a breeder. Adopt a homeless pet from the local animal shelter.

2. Most shelters in the country spay and neuter their animals before they are adopted them out however you can help the green pet movement by encouraging your friends, family and co-workers to spay or neuter their animals. Help reduce the overpopulation of dogs and cats.

Help reduce the amount of dogs and cats euthanized every year at shelters. Help reduce the number of breeders and puppy mills in this country by refusing to support them. Encourage everyone you know to adopt their animals from the shelter.

3. Always clean up after your dog! Be a responsible dog owner. Before you and Max even step out that door make sure you have a few biodegradable baggies with you. And when Max does his business pick it up! If every dog owner picked up their dog’s poop we would be protecting nature.

4. Keep your cats inside. Did you know that cats are the number one bird killer even over wind turbines? Yes it is true so keep your cats inside.

5. If you are a cat owner, opt for eco-friendly cat litters.

6. Feed your pets only natural and organic pet foods. Did you know that there are actually animal bi-products from dead, diseased or downed livestock put into dog food? Yes that is correct most pet foods use reconstituted animal bi-products. So buy organic.

Buy natural. Don’t contribute to the senseless suffering of animals. And work to improve your pet’s health through natural, organic food.

7. Do not feed into the trends and discourage anyone you know from feeding into the trends. A few years ago The Today Show did a segment on the “Puggle”. After this segment the puppy mills went crazy spitting out Puggles to make money.

What happened then? Well a few months later all the people who bought a Puggle from a breeder didn’t do their research, didn’t realize the care and health issues so they dumped their dogs at shelters.


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