Green Alternatives To Cleaning Your Home


home cleaningAlternatives to Chlorine Bleach:

Hydrogen peroxide based bleach used in laundry instead of chlorine bleach will kill mold and mildew.

And a hydrogen peroxide based bleach used in kitchen and bathroom instead of chlorine bleach will still sanitize counters and cutting boards as well as removing stains from counters.

Chlorine free products used for household cleaning can eliminate risks of dangerous toxins and poisons as well.

Chlorine bleach is the most common household cleanser that kids ingest and accidently swallow.

Additionally, when chlorine is mixed with ammonia it combines to make a very specific danger and releases very poisonous gases. In fact, mixing chlorine with many other types of cleaners such as acidic cleaners, toilet bowl cleaners and other household cleaners all cause this dangerous specific poisonous gas.

Basically, don’t ever mix cleaning products at all. But all of these reasons are enough reasons to encourage everyone to switch to organic household cleaning agents.

A simple tip to getting the best clean with your green alternative to chlorine is use a toothbrush to get difficult to reach places.

Alternatives to ammonia:

An alternative to using ammonia is any product that states ‘green’, ‘non-toxic’, and ‘phosphate free’ on the label.


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