A Diary Entry From An Ecological Life


sunsetI have to say that almost every week I see on TV, read in a newspaper or in a magazine the forecasts about the future of our planet. In a few million years the Sun will die and there will be no more life on Earth…the magnetic polls are changing…the hole in the ozone layer…the chemical pollution …global warming are all present in daily news.

Sometimes these messages do not touch me very much and become something of “did you know?” facts.

I guess there are moments when I think that the ozone layer hole is in the Southern hemisphere and I am in North one, too far from it to include it in my daily routine.

The Sun will die in a million years and by then I will also be dust …but still… As I walk in park in a sunny Sunday I can’t help but ask myself is the Sun dying theory for real? And I shake the chill thinking it will be many years from now.

I know that many people would call me air headed but I get angry when I see on TV that the final sunset of the sun is not such a big issue and eventually everything the mankind does is meant to short the life of the planet. I remember the Sundays in the park and I realize that the planet is alive and if you make time to listen, it talks to you in so many ways.

When I started to be concerned about ecology all my friends thought I was cool, and if I am thinking for a second so did I. It had become a hobby and even in the office when I know nobody is watching me I search on a web to see what are the news in this area.

I buy National Geographic and I am amazed by the so many wonderful photos and I tremble at the thought that those wonderful places won’t be there forever and the odds that they will be destroyed before I get to see them with my own eyes are growing every day.

ecological problemsStep by step the ecological problems come closer and closer to me and turn out to be personal. Even in my own town somebody wants to build a parking lot in a park that I’ve known and loved since childhood.

As I rest on a bench in that park and hear the trees whisper in the wind, the thought of seeing them replaced with a construction site, dust and noise becomes my own ecological problem, all of a sudden, not so far from me.

I read in papers about the E additives. I don’t get them and I don’t have the patience to try since I am only worried about my weight. The fact they were forbidden in some countries made me pay attention, only to find they are causing cancer and are not proper for an ecological…body.

I look at the electricity bill and I am amazed of how much I have to pay. Talking to my neighbor I find out she bought ecological light bulbs because they are consuming less.

Said and done, I go to the supermarket and buy the pretty expensive ecological light bulbs and I am satisfied with my choice. They will keep for a few years, consume less and are ecological.

It seems that I upgraded my ecological choices from hobby to necessity. It was a logical choice and when I look upon it I realize it has actually made me feel pretty cool.


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