15 Things You Should Repair Instead of Replace


There are many benefits to fixing things rather than tossing them out and buying new replacements, from money savings to our own pride and knowledge, not to mention the environment.

Not only are we filling up landfills with stuff that could readily be reused, it takes a great deal of natural resources to make new stuff, in terms of water, minerals, metals, timber, petroleum products and more.

Buying new means more transportation and storage costs, and mountains of packaging — important because experts estimate that 44% of U.S. global warming emissions are due to products and packaging.

As much as we have forgotten how to fix things, there is also a resurgence bubbling of those who are strengthening their DIY muscles. Freecycling is a growing marketplace for exchanging used items, some of which need repairs.

Here are some things that aren’t too difficult to fix.

  • Shoes
  • Clothes
  • Luggage
  • Cars
  • Accessories
  • Home Goods
  • Electronics and Appliances
  • Plants and Trees
  • Building Materials
  • Furniture
  • Leaky Faucets/Toilets

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