What Exactly Is Carbon Offset?


wind farmI have heard a lot lately about ‘Carbon Offset’ and chances are you have as well. It is always mentioned in conjunction with green living and environmental issues.

So, what exactly is Carbon Offset and how can it better be understood by the average person with the average environmental knowledge?

Basically, carbon offset is a way we can contribute to the environmental movement by financial donations. Carbon offset is broken into two different definitions; one form of carbon offset is the responsibility of governments and large companies while the other kind of carbon offset can be the responsibility or option for the average individual.

An example of carbon offset for a government body or corporation would be that entity paying money to adhere to regulations of carbon dioxide for example. Or, an example of carbon offset in an individual capacity would be when a person purchases carbon offsets to counteract maybe their greenhouse emissions or something of that nature.

The most common area of carbon offsets are in the arena of renewable energy. Renewable energy carbon offset would consist of wind farms, hydroelectric dams or maybe biomass energy.


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