Top 3 Organic Dog Foods


Natura Pet ProductsYou eat organic and healthy so why doesn’t your best friend?

There is a belief among veterinarians, animal activists and the general public that for decades animals mainly dogs, died of old age. And now, sources say they are dying from tumors, bloat and cancer. Does the fact that we are feeding them Dog Chow which is 99.9% additives and cancer-causing agents, have anything to do with these statistics?

It seems the public is catching onto this theory because more people than ever are feeding their canine companions organic and natural dog food. More expensive than traditional dog food yet we are making it work and putting it into our budget because apparently we know how much better it is for our beloved dogs.

So you’ve made the switch to feeding him organic dog food but what kind are you feeding him? Or maybe you have not yet made the switch but are busy researching different organic dog foods and only growing more confused by the brand. It’s difficult to know which foods are really organic and which foods is a waste of money.

Please note there is however, no research conducted thus far that organic dog food is indeed better for him but one could only conclude if organic is better for us, wouldn’t it be better for them? That being said, most veterinarians we talked to would recommend organic dog food if you can afford it.

We have taken out the stress from your schedule and done the research for you. We have comprised for you a list of the three most healthy and (somewhat) affordable organic dog foods.

1. Newman’s Own Organics makes organic dog food. A 25-lb bag retails for $39.99. According to Newman’s Own Organics reps the organic dog food line sales are expected to hit $20 million.

2. Natura Pet Products is the only organic dog food line made with almost all organic ingredients in fact, 95% of the ingredients in their Karma line of organic dog food is organic. Therefore, Natura Pet Products Karma line is currently the only organic dog food line with the USDA certification seal on the bag.

3. Castor & Pollux Pet Works is a pet food company based in Portland Oregon. In 2003, Castor & Pollux Pet Works came out with their green and organic line of dog food called Organix. A 15-lb bag of Organix dog food retails for $27.99.


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