Top 10 Greenest Products For The Home

  1. Dishmate dish soapEarth Friendly Products Dishmate dish soap is effective and basic, made of the following ingredients; coconut oil derived surfactants, cherry oil and almond oil.
  2. Sodasan laundry products (these products are formulated to allow you to adjust for the hardness of your water)
  3. Green People Company toothpaste
  4. Green People Company also makes a soap bar that can be used as shampoo. This also saves in packaging.
  5. Ecoflush tool to hook up to your toilet. Ecoflush has low, medium and high settings which allow you to set the flush volume appropriately for the ‘task at hand’ which saves water use.
  6. Use a clothes drying rack! (Any brand) instead of your dryer.
  7. Sodasan hand soap is made from fair-traded vegetable oils and organic materials.
  8. Buy your t-shirts, baby clothes, hats and dresses from Fox Fibre Company. Fox Fiber is organic cotton which grows in the colors of red, green and brown shades which means no dyes are needed.
  9. The World’s Best Cat Litter (this is really the name!) is completely natural and organic as it is made from sweet corn kernels.
  10. Prang Soyabean Crayons are made from soy. Typical crayons are made from paraffin.


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