The Vertical Agriculture Is An Option For Ending World Hunger


saladA lot of scientists debated the severe problem of feeding the general population on Earth in the conditions of the number of people rising every day and the significant changes in the climate of the planet. Presently everyone is searching for a viable, ecological solution.

In a recent study it was stated that the salads of the future will be served in ordinary salad bowls but they will grow inside sky scrappers. This is the hope of the scientists and the architects developing a new strategy destined to feed the growing world population in the conditions of very limited fertile land.

Assuming that in 40 years time the human population will increase with 3 billion people, there is a great need for feeding option.

The solution is thought to appear in the middle of the great urban areas, where the tall buildings will be able to harbor, on an entire floor, plant crops from lettuce to cereals.

The so called vertical agriculture could provide the so necessary food to the population and in the mean time could reduce the carbon dioxide emissions generated by their transport to the large consuming areas.

This concept of agriculture at a global scale started from a technology already in use in certain areas of the globe in the so called high tech green houses. There is a while since the hydroponics method is used in order to restrain the necessary space for the agriculture and has as a result saving the space and very low production costs.


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