Recycled Shipping Containers for Efficient, Flexible and Affordable Green Architecture


recycled-shipping-containersWith the eco theme growing in popularity across the world, more and more people are turning to recycled shipping containers for construction of homes and offices.

There are countless unused shipping containers around the world, taking up space, sitting on the shipping docks, waiting to be loaded. The reason for this is it is too costly for a country to ship empty container back and it is cheaper to buy new ship containers from Asia.

These unused shipping containers can be used for new applications and architectural uses. Did you ever consider using one to make eco-friendly home or office? Using cargo containers to build homes or offices has increasingly become a trend in the past several years because it can be cheaper and faster than using traditional construction methods.

There are also many benefits with shipping container architecture models: these can be easily transported, inexpensive, easily stackable, easily prefabricated and are extremely durable.

You can buy these shipping containers at ebay. You can get ready made walls and floors for your home. You can modify by placing windows and doors as needed. You can add several containers together to make rooms or you can also stack them on top of each other. These shipping containers are eco-friendly in nature and very sturdy for construction of homes. By repurposing the shipping containers for homes, offices and other constructions, it can help the environment as few trees will be cut down.

The Blog The Daily Green has Attractive photos of homes and offices built from shipping containers. Recycled freight containers bring efficiency, flexibility and affordability to innovative green buildings, from small vacation cabins to movable cafes, schools and skyscrapers.

See the Amazing Homes and Offices Built from Shipping Containers


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