People Who Live In Green Environs Less Likely To Suffer From Health Problems


green spaceAccording to a new study, people who live in green environments may be less likely to suffer from a range of health problems like anxiety and depression, than those surrounded by concrete.

More than 300,000 Dutch adults and children living near green environs have lower rates of 15 different health conditions, researchers found.

Lead researcher Dr. Jolanda Maas, of the VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam, told that past studies have found that people living near green spaces tend to report better health, but this study is the first to use objective data on specific mental and physical health diagnosis.

The study found that greater amounts of green space within one kilometer of people’s homes was related to small reductions in the risks of health problems like diabetes, asthma, migraine, heart disease, chronic neck and back pain.

Source: Reuters


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