How To Stay Green When You Bring The Baby Home?


cloth diaper

My brother and his wife have a 2 year old baby and when they first brought her home I thought ‘ok, this is going to be too difficult for them to maintain their green lifestyle. I mean, they have a baby now!’ but I was wrong.

My brother and his wife are extremely environmentally conscious but I was imagining having to do hundreds of loads of laundry thus using up mass quantities of water and electricity as well as all those diapers they would be adding to landfills.

So then they told me they were going to use re-usable cloth diapers. Now I was born in 1975 and my parents had no choice but to use cloth diapers but I cannot imagine choosing to use them. Not only did my brother and his wife use cloth diapers but in the same act they saved the environment by not adding thousands and thousands of diapers. They also saved a lot of money.

I think they estimated they saved hundreds of dollars in the first few months. And during her pregnancy she knew she was going to use cloth diapers so she registered for them and actually never had to buy any. Babies love to walk around naked and they let my niece do so as often as she can. Because she wears clothes less often they do laundry less often.

However when they do run the washer and dryer they make sure the loads are completely full and use green laundry detergent in a powder form. They also recycle the container that the laundry detergent comes in.

So if you are currently expecting and don’t want your green values to go out the door with your sanity as you can see staying green when you bring the baby home is simple!


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