How To Register For Your Green Bridal Shower, Couples’ Shower, Engagement Shower And Wedding?


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Growing up I always had grand plans of ‘registering’ at various non-profit organizations and telling my guests to donate at the charity of their choice instead of traditional Macy’s and Target registries. Now the latest trend and way to improve the environment, be socially conscious and promote social conscientiousness is to register for a ‘green’ bridal shower and ‘green’ wedding gifts!

So if you are engaged and the offers to have a bridal shower for you or a couples’ shower for you and your fiancé are starting to roll in, consider registering ‘green’.  You could still register the traditional way by going to Dillard’s or Macy’s or Target and using the gun just select green or organic items.

You could also register for green clothing or recycled products. Many department stores have entire sections that they are designating for their green designs and products.

Another idea is to register to have a tree planted in your name, or the names of you and your new husband. There are many companies that will do this for you and there is also a web site called Be Green that allows you to register for green gifts. Once you registered for these gifts you would put the web site on your invitations or have your wedding party let people know that you are registered on this site.

Friends, family and guests of your special day can log onto this site and pay to have trees planted in your name among many other green and environmentally conscious things.

So as you are planning the big day sit back and think if you really need a blender and cappuccino maker. A wedding is the perfect time to make an environmentally correct and positive statement because your act will reach so many people.


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