How To Incorporate Ways To Be Green In Your Everyday Routine?


lawn mower 1There are little things we can all do in our every day routines that will significantly help improve the environment in the long run.

We have put together a little cheat sheet for you and even put it in order of your daily routines!

For your morning routine:

1. Turn off the water while you are brushing your teeth.

2. Have a timer in your bathroom and allow yourself a three minute shower.

3. Before you leave for work turn your air conditioning up several degrees in the summer and in the winter turn your furnace down several degrees.

4. Unplug all appliances when you aren’t using them but especially before you leave for work every morning.

5. Take the bus to work or carpool with co-workers!

During the day:

1.  When at work print on both sides of paper instead of just one.

2. If your company does not already have a green program; start one!

3. Take your lunch to work in a canvas bag. And if you drink soda or bottled water make sure you are recycling your bottle or can.

At Home in the Evenings and on Weekends:

1. Use a push mower instead of a riding lawn mower; this will get you plenty of exercise too!

2. When you go to the store take one of those ‘green’ bags, when you go to any store not just the grocery store! But when you’re at the grocery store; buy organic!

3. Always use silverware instead of plastic disposable and stop buying paper towels and napkins. Use towels or cloth napkins that you can wash.

4. Use old socks for dusting and old t-shirts for windows.

5. When you buy cosmetics and skin/beauty products make sure they were not tested on animals and buy organic. Yes, there are organically-made skin and beauty products.

6. Buy energy efficient light bulbs. They’re only slightly more costly at the time of purchase however they last longer than standard bulbs.

7. Buy ‘green’ cleaning products.

8. Recycle batteries. There are usually instructions on the new package of batteries as to how to recycle batteries safely. The battery recycling regulations differ around the world.

9. Consider planting a garden. It is a good way to spend quality time with your family or friends as well.

Here we have given you a daily guide as to how to go green in your daily routine. Good luck!


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