Is Sahara Turning Green?


sahara desertA climate change in the desert area can be noticed in the images surprised via satellite over the Sahel region in an area of 3860 km close to the desert, delimiting the Southern Sahara. In the mean time the images captured by the same satellite between 1982 and 2002 show a significant increase of the green areas, fact that sustains the hypothesis of a gradual transformation of these regions.

Although the satellite images do not visibly surprise the coverage of the desert areas with vegetation, a rigorous inspection at the ground level brought up the proof of it.

The specialists in the climate area affirmed that in the south-west of Egypt and in the north of Sudan have appeared acacia trees and the locals from the west of Sahara admitted that the rains come more often than in the previous years and the growth of vegetation is without precedent.

If in the past in those areas, not even a scorpion or a spot of grass could be found; now people are walking their camels there. In these regions, not far ago barren, can be seen birds, gazelles and even some amphibian species, living between the bushes that are growing every day.

It seems this has started 20 years ago and it is a developing process. The global warming is affecting the area and makes its future uncertain.

The air currents are changing and nobody can say for sure which will be the faith of the greatest Earth desert.


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