How To Use Vinegar To Clean Your Home And Stay Green While Cleaning?


vinegarYou have this bottle of vinegar under your sink and know there just have to be more things than cooking that this is good for.

Sure it doesn’t smell all that good but it has to have more beneficial properties. Actually vinegar can help you clean your home and stay completely green while doing so!

Vinegar is an extremely functional and effective non-toxic and green cleaner. Formulate your green vinegar cleaner by mixing one part vinegar and two parts baking soda.

Use this mixture to clean your counters, sink, and oven and stove top, tables, and give your refrigerator a much needed and long overdue spring cleaning.

Use this mixture also to rid your carpet of stains. Apply the vinegar and baking soda mixture directly to the stain. You may opt to put the mixture in a spray bottle for more even coverage but you can dab directly on the stain if you choose to. Let the mixture saturate the stain for 10-15 minutes then clean.

Instead of baking soda mix the vinegar with equal parts water and use as a glass mirror and window cleaner.


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