How To Start Living Even “Greener”?


compostingSo you have taken steps to live green; you are recycling, reusing and composting. You are only buying organic and you use linen napkins instead of paper towels but you still feel there is more you could and should be doing.

So how does someone who is already quite ‘green’ go even ‘greener’?

1. Encourage your neighbors to recycle if they aren’t already. If you live in a city like I do where the recycling pick up is the same day as the trash pick up, you just need a blue bin to have the recycling picked up, stop and get your neighbor a bin. They are only a couple of dollars and maybe that is all your neighbor needs to motivate them to start recycling.

2. Did you have any idea that hand-washing dishes takes up more water usage than using the dishwasher? Continue to use your dishwasher however only run it when it is completely full.

3. Attend your local farmers’ market. Sure you may already buy organic and natural from your local grocery store but start shopping at your local farmers markets. You will be supporting local businesses and purchasing organic at the same time.


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