How To Save Money And Reduce Energy Usage While Doing Laundry?


laundry 1You are trying your best to go green. You keep hearing all these tips and recommendations as to how to go green, how to have a green baby, how to make a green meal, and frankly it is all getting pretty overwhelming.

On one hand you hear to not use the washer and dryer and on another hand you hear to use it but only when it has a completely full load of laundry.

Well this is true you can use your washer and dryer and you should use them only when they are completely full. However there are additional ways to maintain your environmentally friendly ways while doing your laundry.

First of all why wash your clothes on the hot cycle? You know this uses so much more energy and gas from your hot water heater. I have had my washer set on cold for over a year now.

My clothes are still just as clean as they ever were. The stains come out and they still smell fresh. Did you know that of the heating and energy costs used to run the washer, only 10% of those costs are due to the machine actually running? The other 90% are due to heating the water when you choose the warm or hot cycle.


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