How To Keep Cool In The Hot Summer Months While Still Saving Energy?


window shadesSometimes I think I live in the wrong place of the world. I live in the Midwest and summers here are so hot, humid and unbearable, I belong to Canada. Regardless, I am here for now and have learned how to keep cool in the hot summer months by still staying somewhat ‘green’ and doing my best to save energy.

1. Keep your shades closed.

2. Dress appropriately for heat; wear light clothes inside your home.

3. Prepare cool meals like salads and avoid using your oven or stovetop. If you do opt to use your oven or stove top, turn on the fan in your hood to take the exhaust and heat out of the air so your air conditioner doesn’t kick on unnecessarily.

4. Air-dry dishes instead of using your dish washer heat drying cycle.

5. Try to use heat producing appliances in the early morning or late evening when the temperature outside is cooler. Do laundry and run your dishwasher at these cooler times.

6. As obvious as it seems, make sure all your doors and windows are tightly secured and closed!


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