5 Strange Ways To Get Green Energy


soft rockThe green sources of energy represent the base for a sustainable future. The solar and wind energy are merely two of these types of energy. Other options are valid for the future and they imply the use of things like clay and feathers.

1. Soft rocks over 300 millions years old seem to store the gases usable for heating. The discovery was made by a group of students from Leicester University.

2. The heat eliminated by crematories is a good idea for heating energy. The crematory from Halmstead (Sweden) covers both its heating process as well as the heating of the town. In Manchester, a similar practice is developing as a proof that the idea is catching little by little.

3. The third option has been under our noses all along. It is our own body. In Tokyo, the floor of a train station transforms the steps of the people into energy. This system is also used in Europe, inside dance clubs.

4. The women can help using new forms of energy. It was invented the bra that uses the movement for creating energy. Still, until now only the technical part was resolved the comfort needing a lot of work before releasing.

5. The chicken feathers can be used for a great variation of applications: building auto components, clothes and hydrogen storage. The last addition would be using them as car fuel.


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