5 Green Ways To Spend Labor Day Weekend


labor day weekendLabor Day weekend is just around the corner. Maybe your kids are bugging you about what the family trip plans are?

Most likely due to $4.00 per gallon gas prices last year they didn’t get much of a vacation either so they are counting on one this Labor Day weekend. Or maybe your significant other wants to go away for the weekend, at least be together with no other distractions.

So you ask yourself ‘how can I be environmentally conscious and have a green Labor Day weekend this year?’ It is possible and can still be very fun and green!

We have 5 tips for your Labor Day weekend, 5 ways to make it a green holiday weekend!

1. Take a staycation! Who says you have to go somewhere? Turn off the cell phones, Blackberry and unplug the laptop. Stay at home and have quality time with your family or significant other. In fact, make it a girls’ weekend or guys’ weekend and get together with all your loved ones. It is guaranteed to be the least expensive vacation you will have.

2. If you travel take the bus or a train. They aren’t that bad, we promise. Especially the Amtrak. If half the travelers took the train or bus instead of driving themselves, think how much better off our environment would be.

3. You’ve decided against the staycation and taken the Amtrak to your destination. Now stay in a green hotel! Visit www.environmentallyfriendlyhotels.com to find your hotel.

4. Don’t buy souvenirs. No one really likes them and they end up in the garbage two months later anyway. Spend your money making memories like visiting museums or volunteering at an animal shelter at your destination. No one needs more shot glasses.

5. Minimize waste on your vacation by eating in more. How is that possible on a vacation? Make a simple grocery list that will enable your family to eat certain meals from the hotel. This will eliminate food waste and paper waste at the restaurants.

When you get to your destination stop at the grocery store and stock up on easy to make meals such as fruit and vegetables, breads and organic munchies. Think how much money you will save already by not eating out three times each day.


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