Your Guide To Recycling Electronics For A Green Earth


recylingSo you’re taking steps to go green at home through recycling, reusing and buying organic products. And your employer is taking steps to make the corporate office greener through recycling, shredding and providing aluminum can drop offs bins.

However despite all these ‘going green’ efforts you haven’t quite figured out what to do with electronics yet; electronics such as TVs, stereos and even bigger appliances such as refrigerators. Here are some ideas to help you be a good green Samaritan all around.

1. When you purchase an item from a store ask them about their recycling program. For example, many cell phone retailers will take your old cell phone and recycle it for you when you purchase a new cell phone from them. Also places like Home Depot, Lowes and Best Buy are known for their green ways as well. If you purchase a large appliance from these places chances are when they deliver it they will also haul away your old appliance.

2. Office Depot has a very green program – Thank you Office Depot where they allow you to purchase a box from them from between $5 and $15. Once you purchase the box you can fill it with as many electronics as you would like and take it back to Office Depot. They will then recyle the electronics for you.

Office Depot also offers an ink and toner recycling program. If you purchase new ink and toner from Office Depot they will recycle your old ink and toner and in exchange for taking part in this program they take $3 off the price of the ink and toner.

3. Costco stores also have a great recycling program for their consumers. The Costco recycling program is very similar to other recycling programs; Costco provides store credit even for items you recycle. The only difference is you are responsible for shipping the items but Costco Industries does take care of the recycling aspect.

4. Sony has an incredible recycling program for appliances and in fact Sony is one of the only electronics manufacturers who offer this recycling program.

5. Goodwill Industries will take old computers at most of their locations. Some old computers may be used for resale to the general public however many of the old computers which are recycled become part of the Goodwill Industries Reconnect recycling program.


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