You Too Can Compost!


making compostClearly you have heard about the up and coming trend of composting and it is actually quite simple to do at home.

Did you know that you can compost almost any food particles? The only food items you should avoid composting are dairy, meat and other cooked items as these can attract animals such as rodents. These items can be composted just shouldn’t be at your home composting bin.

For best composting results you should have a good mix of ingredients; a good mix of greens and browns. Keep in mind that while weeds and grass mowing act as activators to get the composting process started, these ingredients also rot quickly and could result in quite the stinky bin of compost.

Good nitrogen rich ingredients such as urine, comfrey leaves, nettles and grass cuttings are good greens to start your composting with. Other materials that can be added to the composting bin are raw vegetable peeling, coffee grounds and tea leaves, prunings and animal manure. You should however try to keep the animal manure to herbivore animals such as cows and horses.

Some possible composting ingredients that are slow to rot are wood shavings, sawdust, newspaper, and hedge clippings. In regards to the newspaper however, it is oftentimes better for the environments to participate in your local newspaper recycling program.


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