What You Need To Know About The Various Issues Affecting Our Planet Today?


global warmingThere are so many different environmental issues plaguing our beautiful green planet today. And it seems there are so many ‘green’ platforms making a difference in our world it can be difficult to keep up with the changes activist groups and platforms are going through today.

Maybe you have decided you want to support an environmental group and aren’t sure exactly what advocate groups are out there, and what they stand for?

May be you understand water pollution a little more than you understand organic food production or may be you have empathy toward the sea mammals. Here is a guide for you with eight of the major environmental causes of today:

1. You have surely heard of global warming. This is also referred to as climate change and involves such things as fossil fuels, sea level rising and greenhouse gases.

2. Conservation is referring to animals and the possible extinction of animals. Conservation is the environment issue which deals with coral bleaching, invasive species and poaching as well as endangered species.

3. Energy is another environmental issue which is in the spotlight these days. Energy conservation, renewable energy, and efficient energy use are all forms of an environmental issue.

4. Genetic engineering is also an environmental issue which is also referred to as genetically modified food and genetic population.

5. Land degradation refers also to land pollution, soil conservation and soil contamination and is one of the major environmental issues facing the world today.

6. There are also nuclear issues which are being considered environmental issues and are at the forefront of activism today. Some of the nuclear issues are nuclear power and radioactive waste.

7. Pollution is quite possibly the longest running and most well known as well as understood form of environmentalism today. Pollution has been around as a problem ever since we were all kids and even some of our parents were kids.

Pollution activism includes the issues of light pollution, noise pollution, water and air pollution among others. Most recently water pollution has sky-rocketed into the limelight with our oceans and seas being polluted by oil refineries and barges.

8.Waste is another major environmental issue affecting our planet and our people today. Waste issues can include everything from litter to marine debris and landfill as well as incineration and overflowing recycling facilities.


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