The Air Conditioning Or Other Ecological Cooling Methods


air conditioningDuring summer days when the heat becomes unbearable, the air conditioning turns out to be a necessity for the general comfort of the population but in the mean time is a great enemy of both the human and environment’s health.

The abrupt changes of temperature, the lack of air moisture, the high circulation speed of the air or the clogging of the filters can cause all kind of breathing infections that can damage the health of the person exposed to them.

The cold dry air can have a series of unpleasant effects sometimes serious over the human health. It can cause cold, pneumonia, laryngitis; sinusitis, asthma, head aches, tooth aches, back pain and the list can go on. The eyes can suffer because of the air conditioning.

As for the air conditioning devices used in the children’s rooms, the doctors’ opinions are divided. Some say that the use of air conditioning is excluded because the children’s body adapts very hard to the abrupt changes of temperature, others state that there are no issues as long as the air conditioning is used in the same conditions like for the general population.

The ecologists are proposing some very simple steps that need following, helping us to keep our house cool without using air conditioning. Everything starts with a good home isolation.

Along the thermo-system, if the windows are towards the sun, window blinds are a must, as lightly colored as possible but with an efficient closing system so the air inside the house won’t be heated by the sunrays. The best is to have exterior blinds so the sun won’t reach the windows.

The house weathering is good to be done in the morning and in the evening when the temperature is lower. If you want to keep the windows opened during the entire day, leave at least two in order to make sure the air circles between them.

If you want the air to cool more efficiently hang in front of the open windows a wet sheet and this way the water evaporation will cool the room’s air.

If you are using a fan to cool your house it is better to place it as high as you can in the room. Although it is an energy consumer, the fan is a lot more economical than air conditioning and allows the change in the room’s air. The house positioned towards the sun can use fans operating on solar power.


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