How You Can Do Your Part To Minimize The Overabundance Of Litter?


Cigarette buttsDid you know that vandalism is considered a form of littering? Littering is considered anything that harms wildlife and environmental quality. Cigarette butts are the most common form of litter.

Following cigarette butts the most common forms of litter are metal cans, plastic soda bottles, chewing gums and plastic bags. Looking at this list can you think of how many things you can do to help the litter problem?

Have you considered what you can do to help decrease littering in your area as well as improve the environment? Here we have a few ideas you can implement which will improve the environment and decrease the litter problem in your area:

1. Put together a group of friends and family and adopt a highway for litter removal. You can contact the Department of Transportation for more information on this process. You can obtain the contact information to the Department of Transportation in your area on the Internet.

2.Help your neighborhood parks and recreation department by putting together ‘do not litter’ signs and ‘cleanup’ days at your local park.

3. Do your part to clean up after your dogs when they go to the bathroom in public.


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