How Going Vegan Can Improve The Environment?


organic vegApart from the health benefits to going vegan have you ever considered the benefits to the environment that going vegan will also provide?

First of all, did you know that eating one pound of meat will emit the same pollution into the air that driving an SUV forty miles will emit? And did you know that by raising our livestock on growth hormones and antibiotics we are producing more animal manure than ever before which is poisoning our waterways and land?

Did you know that the hormones we pump into our livestock are making the average person heavier and taller every generation? The hormones in our livestock are a major contributor to the obesity issues in the United States.

By raising livestock for food we are also wasting so many resources such as land and energy resources. We are also wasting our Earth’s water supply as well as causing excruciating animal suffering every day.

Just think about it, for every person that goes vegan much less meat consumed which means many fewer livestock who are pumped full of growth hormones and antibiotics which will result in less manure poisoning in our waterways and on our land.


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