Green Power May Give New Life To ‘Trabant’


trabantStinky two-cylinder Trabant, one of the most endearing symbols of communist East Germany will roar back to life as an electronic concept car at the international motor show in Frankfurt held in September.

Designers behind the vehicle hope to transform the former smoke blenching clunker into an energy efficient electronic car, equipped with solar panel roof and electronic fuel cells, for a modern city dweller.

“We think it will appeal to drivers who want something sustainable and stylish,” said Daniel Stiegler, a spokesman for Herpa Miniaturemodelle.

The Trabant, known affectionately as the “Trabi,” was designed as the communist answer to the Volkswagen Beetle and clattered down East German streets at a top speed of 100 kph (62 mph), trailing a distinctive odor of oil and mixed petrol.

Read more at Reuters


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