12 Logical Steps For A Green Life


fluorescent light bulbsIt is very easy to be “green”. All it takes is to know and use the resources efficiently and live your life based upon 12 very simple, understandable and natural principles that can turn the world we live in, into a clean and healthy environment.

1. You should use fluorescent light bulbs for illuminating your house. Although they are a lot more expensive than the incandescent light bulbs their life span is a lot larger and in time the investment is recovered. Using them, the energy consumption decreases by 30%. The fluorescent light bulbs consume 75% less energy and have a 10 times larger life span than the incandescent ones.

2. Keep your car in the best shape possible. Keep the wheels in a good condition, change the used oil and the air filters regularly. Follow the traffic rules and this way the car will burn less fuel going at a reasonable speed and not speeding on the highway.

3. Use the vat of the washing machine and of the dishwasher at a full capacity. A large amount of energy is consumed the moment these machine starts so that is why it is important to fill the vat to the maximum. Also choosing the electric appliances with the lowest consumption is a very wise thing to do.

4. Wash the clothes in cold water and do not use the dryer. Using cold water instead of warm water saves a lot of energy and most of the clothes are cleaned equally well whether the water is cold or warm. Stretching the clothes to dry outside is not just environmental friendly but also does not wrinkle them as the dryer does.

5. Stop and unplug the electric appliances you don’t use. Even if the device is turned off, if it has a led blinking, it consumes energy. So unplug the computer, the TV and the printer when you are not using them.

6. Give up consuming bottled water. The process of collecting water, the bottle fabrication and the transportation to the store consumes a high amount of energy. Use a filtration system for the tap water and used rechargeable bottles to pack it for the road.

7. Use cloth bags for shopping. Many shops recycle their plastic bags but processing the plastic and transporting it is also an energy consumer. A cloth shopping bag lasts longer, can be washed and reused, and it is environmental friendly.

8. Buy unpacked products, or products whose packages can be recycled.

9. Buy products made as close as possible to the area you live in. Transporting the products all over the world is a great source of pollution.

10. Plant a tree if you have a yard. The tree cleans your air and during hot days, its shade can replace some air conditioning.

11. Try buying second hand products. It will save the energy used to produce new ones.

12. Use green energy. There are companies that offer wind and solar energy. This option is not available to everybody but used by some of us may help keep the environment healthy.


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