The Staycation: The Green Vacation


staycationIts official; the word ‘staycation’ is not part of the modern lexicon and it is reflective of changing lifestyles and changing priorities among people today.  And it was a wise man who said, “Man travels the world in search of what he wants, and comes home to find it.”

A staycation is like a vacation and that involves taking time off from work, your daily routine and basically taking a break. It is however not like a vacation in that it does not involve traveling to a different place, dwelling or location.

It means staying at home and enjoying all the things that you otherwise have no time to appreciate. It could be something as simple as catching up on your reading or watching a few DVDs that you have been meaning to; or visiting local attractions like parks, museums or seasonal festivals.

So how is taking a staycation a green tip? Well a staycation cuts out the travel that taking a holiday typically involves: cab to the airport, the plane trip and further cab trips upon arrival at the destination. Or you may be driving down the entire way, so imagine how much gas will be expended in that vacation!

If each family alternated their yearly vacation with a staycation, imagine how many savings would be made in terms of lowering of greenhouse gasses?

Of course the savings that you make in terms of actual money; is in itself a plus big enough to convince the non believer! Because you also need to factor in the amount of money you will be saving on lodging and boarding at a location out of town.

According to an American Automobile Association survey, the average North American vacation will cost $244 per day for two people for lodging and meals. Good arguments in favor of the staycation. And you can still eat out as part of your staycation and still make significant savings.

The other way that a staycation is a green thing to do is, it gives a fillip to local traders and services as well as local produce. You can explore your neighborhood for green ideas for your staycation: a nature trail, camping at a close by site, taking bike trips, sailing or fishing or just relaxing at the beach and other ideas such as kayaking, canoeing, depending on where you live.

So next time you consider a vacation, consider a staycation. Good for your pocket and for the ecology!


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