Small Changes That Can Turn Your Home Green


florescent bulbIt seems that green-friendly lifestyles are on everyone’s minds as news about global warming and other environmental problems are constantly the subject of news stories and pop culture documentaries.

To help your family contribute, here are some low cost actions you can take that will make your home more environmentally friendly.

First of all, start by throwing away incandescent light bulbs in favor of compact florescent light bulbs. While the incandescent bulbs may be easier to find, they burn out much faster than florescent bulbs and consume much more electricity.

Florescent bulbs will cost more than traditional bulbs, but the sharp drop in your electric bill will quickly make up the difference and leave you on top.

Next, get familiar with the kitchen tap because water from the tap  is undeniably better for the environment than water from a plastic bottle since the amount of non-renewable resources that is used to procure, package, transport, and distil the water is simply absurd when you can walk into the kitchen and fill a glass. Plus, it is much friendly on your wallet as well!

A great way to save more money is to adjust your thermostat, because believe it or not you can be comfortable in the winter and summer without excessive air conditioning or heating.

Even if you are only willing to fluctuate a little with your settings, you can probably stand to turn it off while you are at work or while on vacation.

During the winter you can also keep your windows sealed and shades drawn to help conserve heat within the home. In contrast, during the summer open up your windows and shades and let the wind naturally air out the stuffiness in your home.


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