Simple Tips To Go Paperless


ebooksWe all know that manufacturing paper has a tremendous impact on the environment: to begin with, the raw materials used to make paper come from trees; the very trees that are the lungs of our communities and indeed of the earth, which take years if not decades to grow.

It is the depletion of the green cover afforded by trees or deforestation that is responsible in large part for climate change. Most paper and paper products are made using wood pulp and the process of making paper involves combustion of fossil and fuels and consequent release of greenhouse gases, so there are many reasons to go paperless. Read on for how you can go paperless in your daily life:

Start with your Morning Paper: Yes it is probably a comforting habit to grab your morning cuppa and with it the morning paper as well. Well there are several ways to get your daily fix of world happenings and it does not involve the paper boy aiming for your geraniums.

Watch the news on TV. Read the headlines on the internet. You can set yourself email alerts so that you never miss a headline of your interest ever again. So think of giving up your morning paper. It will, literally save a ton of paper!

Ebooks: Yes it can take some getting used to; and to be sure Amazon Kindle may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But consider how much storage space you will save yourself when you have books in a dematerialized format.

If you could just get used to reading from a screen rather get used to not turning pages, there are many internet sites that let you download books for free, or let you purchase even bestseller for less than what you would pay for it in the bookstore.

Sign up for E statements:  Got your bank statement in the mail, or your phone bill in the mail? A myriad other things reach you by physical paper mail. Much of this can reach your email inbox.

Statements, bills, information, promos, so many things can reach your email in box rather than your mail box. Many payments can be made online, why would you want to write a check if you can help it?

In one fell swoop you can organize your life by cutting out a lot of clutter, saving space around the house and going paperless; more importantly making a green contribution!


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