New System Lets People Track Their Recycled Waste


When most people think of green, recycling may come to mind since it is probably the only environmental habit that most people are exposed to at a young age and thus sticks out clearly in their mind.

However, despite the fact that many people know what recycling is many people fail to do so which is why environmentalists are trying to figure out what type of incentive would be the best way to encourage people to start recycling.

To help discover what a proper incentive would be, GreenOps created a recycling tracking system that shows how products move from consumers to recycling centers.

The system will place the GreenOps logo on packages from companies that decide to participate in the project so that the items can be identified as part of the study.

Once a customer is done with the product packaging or items inside they can take the package to the GreenOps Tracking Station where they will get a receipt and a code that allows them to get cash for the trade in at a rate of five cents a bottle.

The concept is simple, place the tracking collection stations in areas that receive a high amount of traffic such as grocery stores, stadiums, malls, etc and then scan each item into the machine as it is deposited.

With this data advocates of recycling will know what items people are most likely to recycle and will also see if price and ease will really increase the amount of people who recycle on a daily basis. At the same time, the project will hopefully help raise awareness and social consciousness when it comes to recycling.


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