New Braking System Could Save Huge Amounts Of CO2


While it would be impossible to eradicate the use of fossil fuels across the globe, one area that can be targeted is the use of excess fossil fuels that leads to the high levels of CO2 that is emitted into the environment.

This is one way that people could actually begin to have an active role in controlling the effects of global warming in the future.


The best way to start at a personal level is to think about simple things such as the fact that applying the brakes as a car engine is started emits extra CO2 that could be avoided.

Thus, even the simple change such as using an electric hybrid that electronically works the brakes instead of fossil fuels could change the amount of CO2 that is released into the atmosphere on a daily basis.  Given how many cars are started each day, this one small change could help change the face of global warming in the future.

Following the principle of CO2 emissions when brakes are applied, Toni Font proposed a new way to make hybrids more efficient, by using a super capacitor battery to support the current that in turn supports the braking system of a vehicle. Each time the brakes are pressed and released, kinetic energy is lost which causes excessive fuel combustion.

However, with the super capacitors to regulate the current, the battery will soften the effects of braking on fuel combustion which in turn can reduce CO2 emissions by almost 67% according to software visualization that the company has used to see what type of braking power is best for the environment.


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