Environmentally Friendly Back Yard Grilling


back yard grillingSummer brings in many perks that are unique to the season including trips to the beach, local fairs, and of course the delightful chance to get outside and start barbequing your dinner the way it was supposed to be made, with a burger flipper and a grill.

There is no aroma that describes summer better than that of a hot barbeque grill with the smell of sauce and meat wafting throughout the air around your patio or doorstop.

For those who are worried about the environment but do not want to give up such a popular pastime, the good news is that there are ways to reduce the environmental impact of your grilling simply by reading over the following tips.

First of all, it is better to fuel your grill natural gas of Liquefied Petroleum Gas over the usual charcoal grills that are soaking in petroleum solvents.

This is due to the fact that there is less smoke released into the atmosphere resulting in much less air pollution and is healthier for you as well since charcoal produces hydrocarbons which can cause and aggravate lung and heart problems if ingested too often.

If you already own a BBQ grill that runs off of charcoal then you should at least try to buy charcoal that is made locally as it tends to be better for the environment or at least reduces packaging and shipping costs.

Now that you have the proper fuel, it’s time to choose the proper fuel for your body which is an assortment of local meats, fish, and vegetables that are also locally grown and preferably organic.

After warming your grill for the healthiest and environmentally friendliest results turn the BBQ down to low heat and close the lid to help preserve heat.


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