US Wants To Turn Green To Create Jobs


The United States of America is beginning to look into a future in which wind and sun energy is primarily used to power the country starting with a framework known as the American Clean Energy and Solar Act.

power plant

The idea of the bill is to invest in workers by creating more jobs for them that correlate with creating new forms of energy for long-term economic aid and to help reduce the level of pollution produced by fossil fuels at the same time.

According to the University of Massachusetts economists, if $100 billion was invested in the new green infrastructure and energy movement in just two years 235,198 jobs could be created in California and with the presence of $80 billion from Obama’s economic recovery plan more could easily be done.

Although the act is already a step in the right direction, the House of Representatives has been encouraged to add more strength to it by increasing clean energy standards up to 30% in 2020, by allowing the EPA to once again regulate CO2 emissions under the Clean Air Plant including power plants, and to reduce government funding and protection to industries that are guilty of pollution instead creating new greener jobs elsewhere.

Currently, if the bill is not altered it states that CO2 emissions must be reduced by 17% by 2020 of levels that were present in 2005 and that there must be an additional 10% decrease to protect rainforest deforestation. The CO2 emissions would have to decrease much more significantly, by 83% by the year 2050.


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