Sony To Offer Green Mobile Phones


Sony Ericsson is set to unveil two new ‘green’ mobile handsets that are made with recycled plastics and solvents that are more environmentally friendly in an effort to contribute to the new green movement that is striking globally.

C901 GreenHeart1

According to Sony Ericsson, the new models are the C901 GreenHeart and the Naite, which both have a carbon footprint that is 15% lower than the current market standard of similar models.

This way Sony Ericsson achieved by reducing the amount of packaging used, reducing the paint solvents, the use of recycled plastics, and in general making the mobile handsets more environmentally conscious.

These two phones are just the start of Sony Ericsson plan to go green, as they plan to reduce their company’s total carbon emissions by 20% by the year 2015.

Sony Ericsson has also recently announced that they will take part in the new universal charger which came as a surprise to the mobile community but set a large precedent for other large mobile cell phone companies.

c901 greenheart-naiteIn the UK alone over 31m were bought from the large mobile company in 2008 and almost a total of 100m phones are purchased globally annually from Sony Ericsson.

The largest CO2 reduction that Sony Ericsson has made with both of the new handsets is reducing the size of the packaging that a consumer receives along with the new phone and the amount of paper that is used.

Additionally, instead of receiving a paper manual the new models come with an electronic manual that is accessed via the mobile device itself.

Head of the corporate sustainability office, Mats Pellbacl-Scharp, of Sony Ericsson stated that this results in shipping 90% less paper to each customer.


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