Rattan Furniture Helps The Planet And Poor People


Rattan furniture is not only perfect for garden rooms and patios, it can really add to a Moroccan themed bedroom or dining room. Besides an interesting organic look it is the best possible option for green furniture.

rattan furniture2

In the countries where rattan grows, its increasing popularity means that more third world citizens are able to get work, therefore ensuring that they escape the poverty trap.

It is quite a success story as there are no harmful environmental effects unlike other similar types of industries. Helping poor families regain their dignity is a wonderful reason to have rattan furniture in your home.

Indonesia and Malaysia are the main places where rattan is grown and interestingly it requires the shade of surrounding trees to grow well. This obviously is very beneficial for those particular species ensuring that they will not be destroyed unnecessarily. Timber industries in this part of Asia can ride rough shod and often trees are felled for little real gain.

Further more rattan being such a hardy plant can grow where other species will not survive, again providing an income where in many similar areas there would be little chance of employment.

rattan furniture

Rattan is a very durable material and is easily dyed to create a multitude of colors to be used not only to make furniture but baskets and other household items.

With a little care it will last a lifetime and it will enhance your home. All the while you will know that by choosing rattan you have made a real difference, not just in actually saving someone’s life but also doing something for the planet too.


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