How To Have A Green Wedding Day?


green weddingInstead of a white wedding why not consider having a green one. What better way of starting out a married life than with a clear conscience by helping the planet.

You could start by choosing a venue that is totally natural like a beach or forest, or even a socially minded venue like a museum. Why not take the time to consider the many different possibilities and truly make it a day to remember for everyone.

There is nothing more romantic than candlelight and also it is very green, a soft glow and no electricity used at all. It would make for a very elegant look resplendent with candelabras and sconces, which can be just wonderful.

For the white bride’s dress, many charity shops and other used clothing outlets now have a bridal section. Or consider using a relative’s or perhaps your mother’s or even grandmother’s gown.

If you are having one made, then choose cotton or other natural materials. After the wedding instead of storing your dress away why not recycle it for another bride-to-be to enjoy.

In terms of flowers why not use plants rather than cut flowers, these can then be planted in your very first home or given to a local old people’s home or other charitable organization. Or buy locally grown blooms to support your town and they will last longer by adding a pinch of sugar.

The invitations can be made of recycled paper and hand write them instead of using a printer. It might be worth even considering e-mail, that way a lot of paper will be saved.

There are so many ways to change your special day to a green affair that it is simply a case of using your imagination and having the will.

Photo credit: Sparks68


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