Green Dining Best Practices Help Companies Cut Costs And Pollution


green foodsCorporate cafeterias, museums and restaurants across the country are about to take a bite out of food service costs by sparing the environment.

Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and Restaurant Associates (RA) today unveiled their Green Dining Best Practices – a comprehensive set of science-based recommendations for environmentally friendly food service.

Random House and the Hearst Corporation have found that serving up a menu based on green dining practices can save their companies thousands of dollars while cutting down on waste and pollution.

Company dining rooms at New York offices for the firms were the test sites for a comprehensive set of Green Dining Best Practices devised by the Environmental Defense Fund and food service firm Restaurant Associates. EDF and the food service firm released the guidelines yesterday.

The best practices cover everything from purchasing, packaging and transportation of food, to preparation, presentation, facility operations and cleaning of commercial kitchens and dining rooms.

By putting the ideas into practice, Random House and Hearst are on track to save $85,000 at each of two test sites, avoid 275 tons of greenhouse gas emissions and cut landfill waste by 60 tons a year, according to the EDF and the food service company.

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