Be Careful When Purchasing So-Called Green Products


Just like anything, manufacturers are jumping on the environmental friendly or ‘green’ market because they know that consumers are interested in it. Some companies have been set up purely to sell to this lucrative market with names that connect with Mother Nature and saving the planet.


Consumers should start to look at some of these products closely and never assume that anything is what it seems.

Always check labels and know what you are buying, marketing is based on assumptions, the main one is, of course, that most people believe exactly what they read.

In other instances, an excellent company quite obviously committed to making a difference, simply does not think an alternative solution though. For example, to conserve water the idea of a car cleaning product that does not use any water at all seems like a great idea.

However if you examine the different methods and the substances that are involved you may likely think again. It works by coating the individual grains of dirt to ensure any vehicle will not become scratched in the process of cleaning. One of the ingredients that are used is kerosene, which is just like jet or diesel fuel and therefore hardly helping the environment.

Another factor that must be considered is packaging and whilst it is very tough for manufacturers to supply a car cleaner, for example, in a biodegradable box, there must be some sort of responsibility to find an alternative to plastic.

It would seem that there is still a very long way to go in this area and basically any company is there to make profits, so will it ever be truly responsible and caring. By its very nature the answer can really only be that it would be pretty unlikely.


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